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Stuck or sticky piano keys

Sticky piano keys

As a piano tuner, I am often asked how to fix piano keys that stick. There are several reasons why a piano key is either sticky or stuck. Sometimes a foreign object can get lodged between the keys, like a penny or a child’s toy. Causing  little room for the key to travel and resulting in a non-working key. Other times parts of the piano action are worn from use and need to be replaced or adjusted. But either way, it is always best to have a professional piano tech inspect your piano and recommend the best solution.

San Antonio Piano Repair

Most of the time I can repair your piano right on the spot! I can disassemble your piano, diagnose the problem, and get your piano back to full working order. And all within a reasonable amount of time.

If your piano requires more ”TLC“, I can move it to my shop to perform the repair and get your piano back to you in full working order. This time frame is determined at the time of diagnoses.

On-site piano repairs San Antonio

I have worked on every type of piano from home spinets to full 9-foot concert grands. Give me a call today for your piano evaluation. There is no charge for your estimate and no obligation.

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